Karina Banaszczyk

Partner, Attorney-at-law


22 622 64 39, wew. 17

Karina Banaszczyk specializes primarily in handling criminal law cases. As part of her practice, she comprehensively represents individual clients in the course of both criminal and executive proceedings. Furthermore, her experience also includes providing advisory services and representing business entities in the course of criminal proceedings. The scope of her activities also includes commercial and civil law – she has extensive experience in civil procedure and judicial strategy. Due to her extensive experience in conducting debt collection cases, she supervises the Law Firm’s department dealing with debt recovery processes for clients. Karina Banaszczyk also provides comprehensive legal services to housing communities, cooperatives and property administrators. Due to her experience she successfully advises clients, choosing the most effective and efficient solutions

Karina Banaszczyk also has experience in copyright law. She conducts assessments and prepares agreements, including license and copyright transfer agreements. She also has practice in issues related to press law and protection of personal rights. Within the scope of her specialisation, she provides advice not only to press publishers, but also to entities the reputation or good name of which have been infringed by the media.

She participates in trainings on criminal law and copyright law.

Karina Banaszczyk speaks English.


  • District Bar Association in Warsaw
  • Kuzmński University in Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration, field: law
  • Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego in Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration, field: administration

Portfolio / publications / achievements

  • Providing ongoing advice for the largest cultural institution in Poland
  • Preparing and assessing contracts related to the organization of important cultural events throughout Poland
  • Preparing and assessing the rules of competitions on a national scale
  • Preparing documentation related to the organization of scientific workshops for one of the largest research units in Poland
  • Advising on publishing, printing, hotel, leisure and recreation services for facilities belonging to state authorities
  • Providing legal services for large Warsaw housing communities and cooperatives
  • Member of the Copyright and New Technologies and Industrial Property Rights Section of the District Bar Association in Warsaw