Artur Zawolski


+48 500 237 346

At MKZ, Mr. Zawolski directs the corporate law and investment practice. He specializes in business, administration and real estate law. Mr. Zawolski works with IT and e-commerce companies. Furthermore, he helped establish and has run the MKZ Chinese Desk since its founding over five years ago.

A graduate of the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration (1998), and the Institute of Applied Social Sciences and Rehabilitation (1996). Mr. Zawolski has been providing legal assistance for over 15 years. He gained his legal and business experience at the Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment (PAIiIZ) implementing government projects supporting foreign investments in Poland.

Currently, he provides legal and project services for capital investments by domestic and foreign capital. Mr. Zawolski works as active legal and business counsel for the PE and VC markets and organizes corporate restructuring processes.

He maintains a successful balance between his family and professional life. Mr. Zawolski has many personal interests that are too numerous to cover here. He provides pro bono assistance to those in need.

Mr. Zawolski also provides legal counsel in English.