The Copyright Directive highlights that the principle “My freedom ends where someone else’s starts” applies to intellectual property as well, writes Katarzyna Kosicka-Polak, a partner and attorney-at-law at MKZ Partners.

The regulations adopted by the European Parliament protect the rights of creators, publishers, and producers: all those who create works and manage them legally. This is the new Directive on copyrights in the Digital Single Market. The new EU law will make life much more difficult for those who used to take somebody else’s protected works without asking and use them for their own business purposes, although it was prohibited.


Due to the fact that virtual reality is playing an increasingly important role in our lives, the time has come for rules that apply in the real world to cover this sphere as well. After all, a director, an actor, a painter or a writer who goes to an IT specialist or a baker must pay them for their services. Why should paying for watching a movie, reading an article or an e-book be seen as a limitation of freedom? Anyway, there is still the right to the so-called fair use, that is the use of intellectual property for private, non-business needs. In this case, the fee is hidden in the goods that we buy thanks to virtual advertisements. The point is that virtual giants should share this advertising profit.

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