It is not prohibited to promotion legal services, but it is necessary to make sure that you do not exceed the allowed methods of acquiring Clients. Stricter law applies to lawyers than legal advisers.

Is a lawyer an entrepreneur? Yes, to a large extent. Only those who run small or medium law firms know how hard it is to stay on the market. The competition between them is big, and in addition they must act next to giant in terms of capital, reputation, interdisciplinarity, brand awareness, business culture and advertising consulting corporations. Lawyers who run a company in such conditions must have managerial skills at a high level.

A big obstacle is the specificity of the profession and prohibitions related to it, including advertising. I would not like Polish lawyers, like the ones from American films, to be associated with the intruders lurking for victims of accidents at the gates of the hospital. We should take care of the prestige of the profession; after all, we are dealing with matters regarding human life. However, due to the rapidly changing business environment, self-governments of legal advisers and attorneys should review the principles and their interpretation and consider whether it is not anachronistic.